Family card, what it is and to whom it belongs


The measures in favor of the family currently in force are different: they range from the citizenship income to the birth premium, from the baby bonus to the nest certificate, from tax deductions to family allowances. In 2021, most of these measures will be canceled and replaced by the single family allowance, a new subsidy due for each child and partly commensurate with the family’s ISEE, as the reminds us.

Among the measures that will not be replaced by the single check is the family card. What is it about? How does the family card work?

This is not a prepaid card in which an amount is recharged, such as the Rdc card, in which the monthly amount of citizenship income is paid. Instead, it is a card that entitles you to special discounts for the purchase of goods and services in favor of all members of the family.

Requesting it today is really simple and fast, but it is essential to be in possession of the Spid, that is, the digital identity. The card is intended for large families, with at least 3 children: for 2020, however, given the health emergency due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Government has provided the possibility to request the card for all families with at least one child to load. Applications can be sent from March 31, 2020, all year round.

Those who are part of a family with at least 3 cohabiting children must request the 2020 family card, while those with 1 or 2 dependent children must request the “DL 9/2020 family card”.

In the past, to obtain the family card it was necessary to have a valid Isee declaration. The Isee declaration, or Dsu (single substitute declaration), is essential for obtaining a large part of the public benefits: from the certificate prepared by INPS on the basis of the declared data, in fact, several indicators of the family’s assets and income emerge, among which precisely the ISEE, an indicator of the equivalent economic situation.

Currently, ISEE is no longer required for the family card, nor are maximum amounts of income or assets required to obtain it. Parents are entitled to the card even if they are not married and do not live together. However, the requesting parent must live with at least one dependent child. Citizens of any member state of the European Union can apply for the card on the same conditions as Italian citizens.

If the applicant meets the requirements of the current provisions, he can obtain the card by registering on the web portal using his personal Spid credentials. You don’t have the Spid and you have no idea how to get it? Read the guide How to get the Spid.

For those in possession of the Spid, here’s how to proceed:

enter your Spid credentials in the Carta Famiglia web portal, i.e. the username (which usually coincides with the email with which you registered with the provider who provided the digital identity) and the password previously chosen;

with the app of your mobile phone enter the pin chosen previously to generate an otp, that is a code to be used only once;

enter the OTP on the Family Card site and authentication via Spid is complete.

Warning: the procedure may change according to the level of authentication and the provider that provides the digital identity.

Once logged in for the first time, the portal requests:

if you wish to issue the ordinary family card, you can ask if there are at least 3 children in the family;

if you wish to issue the Family Card DL 9/2020, which you can ask if you have less than 3 children in the group.

The insertion of the data of the other members of the family is then asked. It is essential to enter the data of at least one dependent child: who does not have dependent children cannot obtain the card.

Once this procedure is completed, the system automatically generates digital cards for the request and the family, which can be printed, saved on the PC or smartphone or found every time the Family Card portal is accessed. Therefore, no card will arrive at home.

The paper can still be saved in image format, it is not necessary to print it.

The family card issued on the basis of the old discipline gave right to discounts and concessions for the purchase of the following goods and services:


alcohol-free drinks;

household cleaning products;

personal hygiene products;

stationery and stationery;

educational books and aids;

medicines, pharmaceuticals and health products;

sanitary tools and equipment;

clothing and footwear;

supply of water, electricity, gas and other heating fuels;

municipal solid waste collection and disposal;

transport services;

recreational and cultural services, museums, shows and sporting events;

gyms and sports centers;

tourist services, hotel facilities and other accommodation services;

tourist and leisure facilities;

restaurant services;

socio-educational and parenting support services;

vocational education and training.

Under the new regulations, there are no longer limits on the goods and services for which it is possible to take advantage of discounts and concessions.

Discounts are however decided by suppliers of goods and services, who are free to:

do not accept the card;

do not apply the discount on all goods or on all services offered.

If you join, the discount applied cannot be less than 5%.

How do I know in which shops the family card is accepted?

On the Family Card website there is a complete list of affiliated points: you need to enter the “Where to use the card” section. To benefit from the advantages of the family card, at the time of payment, in the affiliated point of sale, you must show the identification code of your card. The cashier will check if the card is active and will register the discount due, which cannot be less than 5%.

It is not essential to print the card, you can also save it in image format on your smartphone or tablet.

To benefit from the advantages of the family card with online purchases, at the time of payment you need to look for the logo of the family card and enter the identification code of your card. The e-commerce portal will directly check if the card is active and register the discount., Which also in this case cannot be less than 5%.

The ordinary family card is valid as long as there are three cohabiting children, including foster children, under the age of 26 in the group.

The Covid family card, i.e. the DL 9/2020 family card, expires on December 31, 2020.


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