Fauci doubts the safety of corona vaccinations developed in China and Russia


Leading US disease expert Anthony Fauci has raised concerns about the safety of corona vaccines developed in China and Russia. “I hope that the Chinese and Russians will actually test the vaccine before giving it to anyone,” said Fauci at a congressional hearing on Friday when asked if the United States would use the vaccine if it was available before others. According to the virus expert, the United States will not be dependent on other countries to obtain vaccines.

Fauci expressed doubts about the approach taken by China and Russia: “Claims that you have a vaccine ready for sale before testing it are at best problematic.” Several Chinese companies in particular are at the forefront of the global vaccine race, while Russia has said it will be able to make one vaccine available to the public by September.

Two Chinese companies, Sinovac and Sinopharm, have initiated trials in Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. Another vaccine has already been given to members of the Chinese military without going through the final test phase.

Three coronavirus vaccines developed by western companies are also in the third and final test phase. China and Russia are accused of trying to steal vaccine research information from other countries. Beijing and Moscow deny the allegations.


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