Fear for Elisabetta Canalis: bike thrown on the rocks


Bad adventure for the Sardinian showgirl Elisabetta Canalis and her husband Brian Perrthe. Someone, in fact, during the night between Saturday and Sunday launched the bike of Canalis and that of her husband Brian Perri from the cliff walls.

The showgirl, following the incident, published on her Instagram profile a story in which she tells the episode.

“This is Alghero this morning, more and more beautiful and those are my bicycle and that of my husband who have been knocked off the wall – she said -. That’s Skyler’s seat. It is the second time it has happened. A record “.

The former vellum is on vacation in Sardinia for a few days with her husband and daughter and she has shown pictures of the bikes on Instagram down on the cliff.

“Unfortunately here it is full of kids who, unable to go to the disco, wander around the historic center completely drunk“he added. In the Instagram story, the show girl also shows the stages of recovery.

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