Ferretti accepts that the Tigers barely tied because they were not forceful


Monterrey (Mexico), Aug 1 (EFE) .- Brazilian Ricardo Ferretti, coach of the Mexican soccer Tigers, acknowledged this Saturday, after his team equaled 1-1 against Pachuca, that the lack of forcefulness cost them the victory .

“If you are not effective you are on the razor’s edge and exposed to what happened to him; receiving a goal that costs us victory. We had situations of numerical superiority against his frame, so we did not win simply because we were not effective”, he explained.

Ferretti stressed the need for his team not to lose concentration so as not to suffer like Pachuca tied them five minutes from the end.

“We have to understand that the last minute also has 60 seconds and not deconcentrate at any time, because the opponent comes over with everything and takes advantage of any neglect,” he said.

The Brazilian helmsman recognized the approach that the rival made in the first half in which the scoreboard remained goalless.

“The first half was even, Pachuca knew how to get us well in his defensive zone, he did not allow us to hurt and we had to modify that approach.”

Ferretti explained that for the second part, after going to the front on the scoreboard, his team’s mistake was not to be forceful.

“In the second we managed to score and we had options to extend the score. We did not and this made Pachuca not lose hope of the tie. Naturally the equalizer leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth after all the opportunities we had,” he added.

According to Ferretti, despite the flaws in the attack, the opportunities created by his team give him peace of mind.

“I’m leaving unsatisfied with the draw, but we have to work on fine-tuning details, return to training to work and improve. Anyway, I recognize that in the second half we generated arrivals; the problem would be not generating them,” he said.

The equalizer allows Tigres to reach four units in the tournament, after the felines defeated Necaxa 0-3 on date one.

On Friday August 6, on matchday three of the contest, the Tigers will visit the Xolos of Tijuana and Pachuca will visit Querétaro.

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