Find the seven pieces of intelligence in the Fractured Mission


Call of Duty: Warzone He is in the middle of the fourth season of this saga, where the Battle Royale players commanded by Captain Price must arrive fully on the battlefield and try to be the last one alive along the Verdansk map. In this guide, we will show you the locations of the seven pieces or intelligence documents that exist throughout the mission, along with all the benefits you get by collecting them and thus completing the complex Fractured Mission.

Before jumping, it is important to know a few things, such as finding the specific Fractured Mission in the game menu. Be sure to go to Challenges from the main menu, followed by Missions. From here, go to Fractured and look at the first target with a Y or a triangle. You have to see the track before it appears on the map. With that in mind, you can only find one piece of intelligence in stages. This means that once you find one, you will need to leave or end the game, return to the menu, and see the next one before re-entering.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must collect each piece of intelligence in the order detailed below. Each one is supposed to give you a clue as to where the next one is, so there is a planned order implemented by the developers. Infinity Ward.

On the other hand, we also recommend that you use the data provided above accompanied by a group, so that you can monitor your back. Otherwise, you could be easily invaded when trying to pick them up, especially in high traffic areas. If you’re not going to coordinate with a team, we don’t recommend trying to find the pieces of intelligence unless you’re playing alone. Separating from the team can ruin the experience for others who may not be as focused on collecting data.

Sometimes it is not a good idea to pick up a specific piece directly from the location. But in case there is a lot of player traffic in the area, it is better to return when it is safer. This is an alternative strategy and you must decide according to the intel Locations you’re looking for in relation to the game flow.

Now that you understand how intelligence works, let’s get into each other’s locations as part of the Fractured Mission. Get ready to jump into battle and follow the guide that we give you below.

Piece 1 (TV Station): Find the location in the message that Ghost sent you

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

The first, and possibly the most difficult to obtain, is found on the TV station. This is a high traffic area, especially at the start of a game, so we recommend spawning just outside this area before slowly entering. If you appear right above the TV station and run, chances are they’ll catch you, so be careful when you get close.

You will find this in the room with all the monitors, next to a yellow railing on the west side. It is on a desk next to a green screen. Press square or X to pick it up, and you’ll receive a notification that the game has given you credit for it.

Piece 2 (Airport Terminal) – evacuations were underway

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

Intelligence document number two is located in the airport terminal, between the economy and executive class entrances. We recommend that you land on the roof of the terminal to check below if it is safe. You will have to jump on the desk that leads to a long stretch to the north. Once you jump to the desk, check the computer in the box to find this information. Again, this may be a busy area, so approach with caution.

Piece 3 (airport control tower): communications were cut before the attack; follow the trail

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

The next one is not too far away and can be found in the high communication tower of the airport. You can enter this building by rappelling from the ground floor or landing in the control room with its parachute. The information is on the south side of the control room.

Piece 4 (plane crashed at the military base) – Verdansk ATC reported that a transponder was disconnected

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

In keeping with the spirit of the planes, intelligence piece number four is found in the front section of a crashed plane in the Military Base area of ​​the map. It is south of the Royal Military Base, in the western part of the rubble. You can find this piece behind one of the seats on the right side. This is one of the least populated areas, so you should be able to land here immediately with no problems.

Piece 5 (Military Base): A downed aircraft attempted to contact Arklov Air Force Base

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

For piece number five, you must return to the Military Base. This time, visit the lower floor of the small building south of the large structure in the middle. The information is on a desk next to a laptop. This area is also busy at times, so try not to land here right away. Instead, like on the TV station, position yourself on the outskirts of this area so you can explore the place beforehand.

Piece 6 (Military Base): Intelligence signals deciphered a message after the attack

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

The last one is located in the Military Base, southwest of the most recent one. This piece can be found inside a building next to a large tower. They are three buildings below intelligence number five. Enter the lower floor and take the information behind the desk, next to two monitors.

Piece 7 – find everything

Warzone: know the locations of the Intel Locations

After finding six of the seven pieces, he returns to the menu and clicks View Intel in the end goal. This step will unlock the last piece and reward you with 10,000 XP (points). There are also other intelligence missions to participate, as with the fourth season it continues to accumulate more content. These collectibles are believed by many to point to a larger Easter egg that players have yet to discover. It could be just an ingenious set of collectibles, but the implementation of the secrets is part of the identity of Call of Duty at this time.

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