Flamengo invests in children’s products and launches dolls by Gabigol and Bruno Henrique; see photos


“How much is Gabigol?” Before social isolation, this question was often heard around Maracanã. Street vendors sold Flamengo player dolls and shirt 9 was the most requested. But that has changed. Now, it is the club itself that will use the image of the attacker to his advantage. Investing in children’s line, the club will launch personalized dolls of red-black athletes.

Initially, Gabigol and Bruno Henrique dolls will be personalized. The forecast is that the products will be available for sale starting next week, in the amount of R $ 89.90. The information is from journalist Isabelle Costa, from the channel ‘Paparazzo RN’, and confirmed by EXTRA.

This is just one of the many investments that Flamengo has made targeting children and teenagers. Another famous and successful action is the “Flamenguinhos” channel, where Gabigol won a cartoon character.

The “Gabigolzinho”, as it was nicknamed in the animation, was presented carrying a sign with its characteristic celebration: “Today has Gabigol’s goal”. By the way, the shirt 9 rubro-negro participated in the entire creation process.

– When I was invited to participate in Flamiguinhos, even more knowing what the theme would be, I accepted at once. We thought it would be a great opportunity to bring Gabigolzinho to life. It was really cool, I got emotional, my family loved it and I hope everyone enjoyed it – said the striker.


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