FNOPI, 5 Scholarships of 4,000 euros per Nurse for participation in the Master


FNOPI, 5 Scholarships of 4,000 euros per Nurse for participation in the Master

Thanks to the patronage and financial support of the Doctor Elena Miroglio, an important name in the Italian textile sector, FNOPI (National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders) has launched a call for tenders 5 4,000 euro scholarships aimed at the continuation of studies by 5 young nurses.

Scholarships, in particular, have as their purpose the financing (total or partial) of the costs of enrollment and participation in a II level Master.

To participate in the competition, Nurses are requested to be in possession of the following requirements:

  • not yet turned 40;
  • have obtained a specialist / master’s degree in class L / SNT01, degrees from the nursing health professions and obstetric health profession;
  • be regularly enrolled in a provincial OPI.

The scholarships, following the presentation of the applications, will be assigned by a special commission composed of experts in nursing subjects identified by Dr. Miroglio herself.

These i evaluation criteria of candidates:

  • specialist / master’s degree mark;
  • Bachelor’s degree mark;
  • chronological age;
  • seniority of OPI registration;
  • date of receipt of applications.

Applications must reach FNOPI, according to the procedures described in the announcement, no later than 31 August 2020.

Download the complete announcement here

Download the application form here

Source of this news is the FNOPI website.

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