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Since the departure of Bruno Cheyrou for OL, Leonardo has invested more in the women’s section of PSG, which “Feels a lot of support from him” according to Grace Geyoro, the Parisian milieu. In October 2014, Laura Georges, the current secretary general of the FFF, then a defender at PSG, regretted the lack of investment of Parisian leaders in the women’s section. “I will not give excuses to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, declared Georges, in an interview given to World. He’s my president, but you don’t see him at women’s matches. He only came once or twice last season. […] If the president of PSG believes in women’s football, he must be present. It would simply be enough for him to communicate, during his interviews, about his women’s team for people to want to get involved in women’s football too. There is still work to be done at the leadership level of our club. “ Six years later, the former defender, who ended her career in 2018, would no doubt be delighted to see that things have evolved at PSG. Since the departure of Bruno Cheyrou, the sports director of the women’s section, for OL, Leonardo has decided to get more involved with the players. If last year, for his return to the club in the capital, he had already made a remarkable visit to Bougival to come and greet Olivier Échouafni’s troops, this year, he has already visited them several times at their training center since they resumed at the end of June.

“Leonardo takes things to heart, Echouafni explained at the beginning of July. He showed it from the start, by coming to greet the players and the staff. It is even more present than last year. We are happy to have him with us. He is very square on everything and wants the women’s section to continue to develop well. Changes are possible, but it is possible that it remains as it is, it would not bother me. We get along very well with Leonardo and all the staff. “ Grace Geyoro, about Leonardo “He made us understand that he was counting on us” With the departure of Laure Boulleau, who held the role of coordinator, Leonardo works with his right-hand man, Angelo Castellazzi, and Grégory Durand, the director of sports legal affairs and institutional relations, for the proper functioning of the women’s section. Échouafni again confirmed on Saturday this proximity of the Parisian sports director who made the trip to Gironde for the semi-final of the Coupe de France which will pit his team against Bordeaux. “He is very close to the staff, to the group. He regularly comes to see us, to bring his experience. It is important to him to show that the PSG institution is present. This is a good thing. “ read also PSG: Leonardo will be in Bordeaux for the semi-final of the Women’s French Cup “We feel a lot of support from Leonardo, who has already come to see us several times since the start of the preparation,confirms midfielder Grace Geyoro. He made us understand that he was counting on us. The objective is to go looking for titles. ” Second in the last championship, the Parisiennes still have the opportunity to win the Coupe de France, where they will face Bordeaux in the semi-finals this Sunday (kick-off at 8:30 p.m.) in Libourne, but also the Champions League, where they must meet Arsenal during the Final 8, end of August, in Spain. The opportunity to prove to Leonardo, who would no doubt like to see the men’s and women’s teams of PSG lift the C1 this season, that the support of the leaders can weigh on the performance of the team, as Laura Georges explained there a few years.


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