Former international becomes assistant coach


Marvin Compper has ended his career and becomes the new assistant coach for third division club MSV Duisburg.

The 35-year-old former international, who played 25 games for the zebras last season, “switches” to the team of coach Torsten Lieberknecht, assistant coach Philipp Klug, goalie coach Sven Beuckert and athletic coach Miro Lusic.

Compper is looking forward to a new task

“I am Ivo Grlic, Torsten Lieberknecht and very grateful to the MSV to be able to take these first steps as a trainer here. I am looking forward to contributing with my expertise and knowledge, and I look forward to the experience that Torsten and Ivo have to learn, “said Compper.

He was grateful for what he was able to experience as a player. “The move now is an active step, so it’s a good decision for me,” said Compper.


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