free vaccines for everyone from October


AGI – In the ‘run to immunize the population against the new coronavirus of pneumonia, there is already a first winner: Russia has announced that the big vaccination campaign will begin in October; the vaccine has already finished its clinical trials and will be authorized very soon.

The government has not provided any information on the type of vaccine used but the health minister, Mikhail Murashko, he added that first doctors and teachers will be immunized and that the first doses will begin to be sent to Russian regions from 10 August.

The Reuters agency, citing anonymous sources, added that the first potential Russian vaccine will be approved by local authorities already this month.

“Clinical studies on the new coronavirus vaccine developed by the Gamalei center (the National Center for Epidemiological Research and Microbiology; ed.) Have been completed and documents for registration are now being prepared,” said the minister.

Mass campaign

“We plan to launch the broader one vaccination campaign, which will gradually be added to the new care system, starting in October. “Which means of course the vaccine will be free.

And that’s not enough: because the minister added that a second Russian vaccine, developed by the Véctor center, is currently in the phase of clinical tests; and that the Ministry of Health expects “in the next month and a half or two” to receive two more requests for authorization to conduct clinical trials on new vaccines.

Russia therefore seems destined to beat the US in the race too. Inevitable therefore to think that someone is running too much. The main US epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci, has clearly said this in recent days: he hoped that China and Russia “are really testing” the vaccines against Covid-19 “before submitting anyone”.

Fourth country in the world by number of infections

In any case, in the last few days Russia has registered a slight improvement in the pandemic: since last July 20 the number of new infections has remained below 6,000 and today only 95 deaths have been reported, 66 fewer than the previous day; in the last 24 hours, 5,462 new cases, of which 1,356 (24.8%) were asymptomatic, while 8,114 patients were discharged.

But the situation has been among the most dramatic in the world: since the start of the pandemic, 845,443 people have fallen ill and over 14 thousand have died; is Russia remains the fourth country in the world for the number of infections, surpassed only by the United States, Brazil and India.


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