From the beach Salvini continues to ask for a return to the polls


The government ambitions of Matteo Salvini, that from the Papeete beach of Milano Marittima it continues to ask for early elections anticipating his possible future as Prime Minister right on the banks of the well-known bathing establishment. It is highly probable that the secretary of the League hopes for a return to the polls also to avert a further loss of consensus by his party, now increasingly declining in the polls in favor of Fratelli d’Italia di Giorgia Meloni.

Salvini calls for new elections

To the journalists who came to the Papeete beach, Salvini tells of his desire to return to Rome directly with an assignment at Palazzo Chigi: I plan to return here next year as prime minister, with government roles, if the Italians want, to take this land and this country by the hand “. A desire that however clashes with the hypothetical duration of the yellow-red government, intent on remaining on its feet at least until the so-called white semester of the head of state: “They say they have to stay to choose the president: I hope nobody hates the Italians so much that they stay there for a year and a half to do nothing to parcel out the presidency of the Republic.

In Milano Marittima Salvini, however, has to face other problems that have happened to him in recent days, like the Senate’s yes to the trial against him for the Open Arms ship affair, which started right in August 2019. In this regard, Salvini said: “I will remember that according to our Constitution, in article 52, the defense of the borders of the homeland is a sacred duty of the citizen. […] The disaster of this year without a league in government is there for all to see. But democracy requires that Italians return to vote and we are ready tomorrow “.

A story that at the time preceded a few days the fall of the yellow-green government, to which the League secretary has not regretted having pulled the plug: “We went to the Council of Ministers and we only started hearing no. No to everything we had to do. And then I’m proud to have said no. The word given is worth a thousand ministries “.


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