Greece inaugurates its first underwater museum, an ancient wreck


Greece opened its first underwater museum, the wreck of a ship carrying thousands of amphoras that sank in the 5th century BC. JC, a sunken treasure in the Aegean Sea that diving enthusiasts will now be allowed to explore. The Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, attended the ceremony which took place aboard a boat and underwater with the participation of divers.

The site, located near the islet of Peristera, off the island of Alonissos, will be open to amateurs diving from August 3 to October 3. Tourists who do not practice diving will be entitled to a virtual visit to an information center located in Alonissos. “VShis wreck lies at a depth of 21-28 meters near the coast of the islet of Peristera and contains 3,000 to 4,000 amphorae“Maria Agalou, president of the municipal council of Alonissos, told Skai TV channel.

The site discovered in 1985

This large merchant ship carrying thousands of amphorae containing wine is said to have sunk around 425 BC. JC because of bad weather during a crossing between Chalkidiki, in the north of Greece, and the island of Skopelos, told the television channel Ert Pari Kalamara, director of the department of underwater antiques. “The amphorae reveal the size of the ancient ship. It was a big ship“, she added. The amphorae, most of which are intact, were (…)

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