Guaidó supports the opposition parties that will not go to an electoral “farce”


Caracas, Aug 2 (EFE) .- The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó endorsed this Sunday the decision adopted by 27 parties, the bulk of the block of detractors of Chavismo, not to appear in the legislative elections on December 6, which he described as ” electoral farce.

“From unity we reject the farce, now we must mobilize that majority who want to live with dignity,” Guaidó wrote on his Twitter account, whom almost 60 countries recognize as interim president.

Faced with this situation, he stressed that they will “fight together to choose the destination” of Venezuela, although he did not propose an alternative to the elections scheduled for December 6.

“No one accepts impositions from a dying regime … Together we are going to defeat the regime!”

In another subsequent message, he warned that “this new farce is doomed to failure as it happened in 2017 and 2018,” referring to the regional and presidential elections in which Nicolás Maduro was reelected as president.

Precisely, the opposition and part of the international community’s rejection of those elections was the origin of Guaidó’s nomination as interim president, a position he swore on January 23, 2019 before a crowd, based on an interpretation of the constitution that allowed to be for 30 days.

Regarding the legislative votes, the opponent said he knew “that it is not enough to reject it” and stressed that “it is key to remain united, exercising the majority in the midst of the emergency.”

The objective, he concluded, is that “together with international pressure” they can “end the tragedy generated by the dictatorship” that he considers Maduro to have in Venezuela.

The 27 parties that make up the bulk of the Venezuelan opposition, which includes all those who currently have parliamentary representation on the fringes of Chavismo, agreed this Sunday that they would not stand for the legislative elections because they considered them a fraud.

The document has been signed, among others, by the four parties that make up the so-called G4: Primero Justicia, of which Henrique Capriles is a member; Voluntad Popular, led by Leopoldo López; as well as the Social Democrats Democratic Action and A New Time.

Around these four parties a large part of the Venezuelan opposition activity gravitates.

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