Guion: “Europe is part of the club’s DNA”


Sixth in Ligue 1, Reims takes advantage of the success of PSG in the two national cups to qualify for the second preliminary round of the Europa League. What to make the happiness of the trainer, David Guion.

“It is first and foremost the pride of putting the Stade de Reims back on the European scene after so many years, which is moreover the year of the club’s 90th anniversary. It just goes to show that the big clubs never die, he exclaimed in an interview with The Team. As I said when I took over the team, Europe is part of the DNA of Stade de Reims. “

The Rémois will however have to cross three dams in a dry match (which we do not yet know where they will take place) before hoping to take part in the group stage. “We really hope to be able to play Delaune in front of our audience to celebrate this European reunion, Guion hopes. It is also a gift that we want to offer our supporters. There is a great link to be made between those nostalgic for the Stade de Reims and the youngest, and a fabulous story to write. “

“The transfer window? We will wait until the end of the friendly”

If Reims offered the arrival of the experienced Valon Berisha, he has been relatively inactive since the start of the transfer window. “We had not moved much in the first phase of the transfer window. We will wait until the end of our friendly matches campaign to see if there are still any gaps to be filled”, resumes Guion.

“We are only halfway through our preparation, we still have a month and four games left. I still have things to see, information to collect through these meetings.”


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