Hail in the Alexandrine, wind and lightning cause extensive damage


Bad weather alert in the province of Alessandria in the late evening of Saturday August 1st, when a violent hailstorm hit the whole territory of the lower Piedmont causing extensive damage and flooding. Rain drives hail – with grains up to 4 centimeters in diameter – and in strong gusts of wind it has cut down dozens of trees and uncovered the roofs of some houses, making the intervention of the Fire Brigade rescue teams necessary. Damage from bad weather has also been reported in the province of Modena and in part of the Veneto.

Bad weather, violent hailstorm in Alessandria

Although it lasted a total of a few tens of minutes, the damage caused by the hail storm that hit the Alexandrine is numerous. In addition to dozens of floods in the territories of Novese del Tortonese, Valenzano and Casalese damage to some houses in the capital is reported, where parts of a roof fell on cars parked in via Ferraris, while in via Tortona a fallen tree cut a cable of light.

Trees felled also in the central Piazza Genova where according to the citizens ‘stories the storm was announced with very strong gusts of wind that began to blow around 9 pm and according to experts’ findings around 11 pm they reached a speed of 106 kilometers per hour. Damages have also been reported in neighboring municipalities such as San Salvatore Monferrato, Castellazzo and Castelnuovo Scrivia.

Alert also in the Modena and Veneto regions

In addition to lower Piedmont, the province of Modena was also affected, with hail and wind which affected the strip between the hills and the Emilia Apennines causing the felling of a tree on a car in Colombaro di Formigine. In addition to this episode, at least fifty calls were made to the Fire Brigade, especially in the municipalities of Sassuolo, Castelvetro, Castelnuovo Rangone and Carpi. Violent storms also in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, where several blackouts have been reported around Trieste.


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