Hanging for one night on the Gran Sasso wall: 2 climbers saved


They had decided to climb the wall of Pizzo Intermesoli, the third highest peak of the Gran Sasso in the territory of the municipality of Pietracamela (Teramo), two mountaineers aged 47 and 48 from Rome. But when the two arrived on the third pillar, on via Amichetti and they came out of the ridge it was already 20, the sun was setting and with the arrival of the dark they did not know where to go. They remained therefore all night in the open, harnessed and hung on the wall at an altitude of 2,000 and 200 meters.

This morning at dawn the men of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue of Abruzzo recovered them, promptly intervened with the helicopter of 118, with a doctor and a nurse on board, to check the health of the two climbers after a night spent in wall. Fundamental for the recovery is also the support of the Alpine Rescue men from the ground and the collaboration with the Teramo Fire Brigade and the Carabinieri of the Pietracamela Command (Te).

The episode comes after a busy day of interventions across the region. In the late afternoon of Friday two Roman tourists aged 44 and 45 were rescued, disoriented and left without water, during an excursion in the valley under the cable car of Assergi (Aq), in Fonte Cerreto, along the path that passes under the cable car pylons. Also on Friday afternoon, the Alpine and Speleological Rescue of Abruzzo recovered a tourist from Bologna, injured in the knee, after falling during an excursion to the Gara di Fara San Martino (Ch).

Following the numerous tourists who are visiting the mountains of our region, the Alpine and Speleological Rescue of Abruzzo recalls the rules to follow for safe excursions. “First of all – Daniele Perilli, president of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue of Abruzzo – explains adequate physical preparation; it is necessary to communicate the place of the excursion and the presumed return time; choose suitable clothing and technical equipment for the destination; always bring the mobile phone and a small first aid kit; always check the weather before going on an excursion or climbing; study the routes and have maps of the area chosen for the excursion; bring suitable drinks and food; if you are not experienced, rely on mountain guides or mid-mountain guides, download also the Georesq App to be located, which is free for Cai members; if necessary, call 118 and activate the Alpine and Speleological Rescue of Abruzzo “.


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