here is the unsuspected natural product to no longer have fatty roots


How to put an end to hair that grows too quickly? It would seem that this ingredient meets your expectations. And nothing better than a natural product for regulate your sebum at the origin of the oily effect on your hair. Better yet, it also helps fight dandruff as well as itching. We give you the secret: the rhassoul. This clay, formerly called ghassoul, comes from Morocco. First used in body care, it is now used for its hair properties.

Rhassoul, 100% natural clay perfect for oily hair!

With its properties of absorption and regulation of sebum, the rasshoul is ideal for oily hair. Whether you have fine, thick and even dry hair, you can just as easily integrate the rhassoul in your hair routine. In addition to soothing the scalp, it makes the hair more shiny, voluminous and soft! So many faculties that convince us to adopt it. To apply it, nothing could be simpler: mix the powder rhassoul and a few drops of water to obtain a rather thick mixture. And drop it directly on your roots.

Recommendation: use wooden or plastic utensils, metal ones alter the properties of the clay. For the application, you can do it manually, however we advise you to put the rhassoul with a pipette. Then massage your head very lightly for a few minutes, sliding the rest of the material (…)


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