Hot, 65% of Italian provinces exceed European average -4-


Rome, August 1. (askanews) –, promoted together with experts such as Alberto Majocchi (Emeritus Professor of Finance Science at the University of Pavia) and Monica Frassoni (former co-President of the European Green Party), upon reaching the million signatures will ask the European Commission to commit to elaborate the legislative proposal to stop global warming by moving taxes from people to the environment, and therefore taxing CO2 emissions and reducing taxes on labor. According to the proposal, those who emit carbon dioxide in Europe would pay a price per ton (from the initial 50 euros to 100 after 5 years) by promoting energy savings and renewable sources. The proceeds would benefit workers, with a reduction in payroll taxes. In this way the European Union could obtain a treasury of 180 billion euros per year to reduce the tax burden on European workers.

To reach the million signatures needed, breaking news, the deadline initially set for 20 July 2020 has just been extended by 6 months, and now moved to 20 January 2021. “The compromise reached in Brussels on the issue of climate change is not up to the gravity of the climate emergency – says Marco Cappato – the national governments have put on the table a proposal (compensatory taxation at the border and possible extension of emission rights to new production sectors since 2023) which is completely insufficient, which risks to be revised downwards during the legislative process. Only European citizens can now put on the table the proposals that governments have not had the courage to make. “

“If we manage to collect one million signatures from at least 7 Member States, the European Commission will thus be formally obliged to express itself on a proposal that is finally adequate to tackle the climate emergency. We hope – Cappato continues – that Greta Tumberg, the signatories of the appeal “I want a planet like this” promoted by the European Parliament and the Italian mayors that we will try to involve individually want to take this opportunity for institutional inclusion of a concrete project, in the absence of which also their requests – like all those of those who are not satisfied with the yesterday’s agreement – they risk being left without even a response from the European Union “.


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