how Patrick Drahi was remade in the United States


The climb up is impressive. Entered in 2008 in, had risen to the top in 2017 after the IPO of in the United States. He had almost immediately plunged into limbo, swept away by the difficulties of his European activities, SFR in particular. Since then, the price of Altice has progressed a lot, bringing the founder back to his level three years ago. In one year, it has grown by 3.5 billion euros. , the American multinational auction company, has consolidated its position. He is now the main shareholder of a somewhat wobbly telecoms empire made up of an American pole, valued at around 9 billion euros, and its European counterpart, weighing less than 4 billion. The French activities have been completely restructured over the past two years and, to complete this restructuring, Patrick Drahi recently placed his closest employees in key positions in the group in France. Altice Europe is once again ready for action, but what are the boss’s intentions?

Fascinated by the United States

The latter is not the type to confide in the press. But when he does exercise, the Altice boss can’t help but open his heart. As during this evening in New York, in June 2016. He had just signed the acquisition of the cable operator Cablevision, number four in the United States, a year just after having acquired number seven, Suddenlink. Two years after the takeover of SFR … Over a drink, he confided freely to a few journalists, gathered at the Time Warner Center. The place was not chosen at random: these vast American conglomerates fascinate him. One of its models is Comcast, which started out from cable and now owns NBC Universal and.

That evening, the businessman dreams out loud, tells about the business possibilities open to him on this side of the Atlantic. Without filter, the billionaire mocks the state of mind of the French, who prefer to hoard when the Americans […]


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