how the government has changed its mind about mask wearing over the months


The mask ? “Totally unnecessary” to protect yourself from Covid-19 in the absence of symptoms, assured the former Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, January 26. More than 30,000 dead later, his successor, Olivier Véran, says now “recommend” the mask in fullr, “especially when there is a concentration of people”. In six months, the government’s discourse on wearing a mask has changed drastically. How did we get here ? Franceinfo traces the slow conversion of the executive.

January and February: “No specific recommendations for the French population”

In Wuhan, Chinese cradle of the epidemic, the mask becomes compulsory in public places at the end of January, while 1,000 deaths have been recorded in the country since December. In France, where no case has yet been confirmed, Covid-19 is still very poorly understood and seems very far away. “At this stage, there are no specific recommendations for the population” French, indicates the Ministry of Health on its website. Wearing a maskby the non-sick population in order to avoid catching the disease is not recommended “, and “its effectiveness has not been demonstrated”insists this last in January. “You shouldn’t buy masks in pharmacies, it’s totally unnecessary”, insists the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, on January 26, while several pharmacies ensure that they no longer have stocks of precious (…)

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