how the investigators found “The sad girl”, the stolen work of Banksy


A recorder stolen in Isère, video surveillance, eavesdropping, talkative suspects …: here’s how The sad girl street artist Banksy, painted on a door of the Bataclan in Paris in tribute to the victims of the 2015 attacks, was found in Italy a year and a half after its flight.

On the night of January 25 to 26, 2019, at 4 a.m., three men, hoods on their heads and masks on their faces, cut out a door of the Bataclan with the grinder. It is not just any door. This is the back door of the Parisian performance hall on which the street artist Banksy painted The sad young girl (The sad girl), in tribute to the 90 people killed on November 13, 2015 during a concert in this place, during a series of jihadist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis which left 130 dead in total that evening.

The operation only lasted a few minutes. The three thieves board the door in a Citroën van whose license plate has been concealed, according to video surveillance images collected by police officers from the second judicial police district (2e DPJ) responsible for the investigations. “It was an important investigation for them“, (…)

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