How to make skin soft and silky? Our dry skin-proof body routine!


Just like your face, your body deserves a full skincare routine. But don’t go overboard with a 10-step layering routine, either. We have simplified your job with an efficient routine, in 4 key steps.

Silky smooth skin thanks to a simple routine.

Step 1 – We clean up. In the shower, choose a shower oil for a cleansing, moisturizing but also protective action. Regular soap can have detergent ingredients that will strip your skin of its natural oils and leaves it dry and irritated. Shower oils not only do not dry out the skin, but also form a protective film.

Step 2 – Exfoliation. Your corps needs exfoliation just as much as your face. This one will better tolerate scrubs elsewhere. But beware, excessive friction can cause tightness. So bet on chemical exfoliators like AHAs. They will remove dead skin cells and speed up the renewal of your skin.

Step 3 – A serum. Yes, even your body is entitled to the benefits ofa serum ! The latter nourishes the skin with a concentration of various ingredients. Its lighter texture can better accommodate water-soluble ingredients, such as many antioxidants and vitamins. The body serum may therefore contain more active ingredients than a body cream or lotion.

Step 4 – The moisturizing and nourishing cream. Moisturize your skin (…)


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