“Hypocrite ban big live and open discos”


(Adnkronos / Cinematografo.it) – “There is a lot of hypocrisy” in the management of the Covid emergency: “It makes no sense to penalize music by prohibiting big concerts, when people then go to the disco.” Paola Turci said, guest of the first edition of the ‘Lecco Film Fest – Women beyond the sche (r) mi’. “I lived this period of Covid alone, with my dog, near the sea. A situation of maximum privilege. I tried to keep calm, I don’t think I fully understand what’s going on. Nobody could have imagined anything like this. You couldn’t go out, you couldn’t meet. We are not ready for this. In addition there is a lot of hypocrisy. It makes no sense to penalize music by banning concerts, when people go to the disco afterwards. ”

“Through my songs I think I have told the woman in the round. I grew up in a matriarchal family. I understand the difficulties, the challenges. And I try to transmit them with my music, “said the singer-songwriter. It is no coincidence that the name of the meeting with the Roman artist is ‘Make yourself beautiful’, like his famous hit. “They called it a feminist song. And I think I am. I would like equality between the sexes, we are all human beings on the same level. Being different is not a disadvantage. ” And he continues: “I am a fragile person, very sentimental, even cynical. My frailty is in my being sensitive. I cry in front of injustices, in front of the defenseless. At first it hurts me a lot. Then I react. ”

Paola Turci also talks about her novel I will love myself the same, focused on the terrible road accident that she had in 1993 on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria. “It took me a long time to love myself anyway. I wrote this book to put myself on the wall, to explain what had happened to me. I hid for a long time. Then I realized that everyone had to know. ” Many arguments, even the #MeToo: “You cannot claim your rights by screaming, attacking. This is their limit. ” And finally we move on to the cinema: “I wanted to become an actress. A year before the accident I took a theater course. Scola called me for an audition. The film was Mario, Maria and Mario. I slingshot him. Two weeks later he called me to tell me he didn’t have a choice, but it was still an incredible experience. ”


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