“I do not rule out that in the future knowing your immunity is necessary for jobs”


The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayusohas defended his proposal to launch a ‘Covid primer’ and it has maintained that it is not known how the pandemic will evolve, so it does not rule out that the future will know the immunity that one has “help or be necessary” to access jobs.

“We must put new measures and study absolutely everything. We are obliged to do so to try to stop this, taking into account that it is a virus that has put the planet in check and no country has the solution, ”he said in an interview in Cope, collected by Europa Press.

Ayuso has stressed that the “supposed” committee of government experts has already put it on the table, as he has read “in a news of April 5”, Something similar to this primer.

The Madrid president explained that what she has done is ask the Ministry of Health to launch a pilot project to “see if having the data on all patients” can better understand the situation. “Data is key,” he said.

For now, as stated, they just want this ‘Covid booklet’ to be “a record in which everyone” who has undergone analysis and tests “take it with them for any request” and to have knowledge of what what happened to you, whether you have antibodies or not.

“We do not know how this will evolve forward, but against Covid we may be fighting for a year or two and I do not rule out that in the future knowing your immunity will help you or be necessary for jobs or whatever,” he said.

On the other hand, asked about the voluntary registration that the Community has requested that the nightlife venues carry out, Ayuso explained that it is simply based on the fact that the contact details are offered so that the trackers can find customers if there are any possibility that they could be infected with coronavirus.


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