“Import infections but also many submerged in the country”


Covid-19 infections are not only imported but there is also a lot of submerged in the country. Massimo Galli, primary infectious disease specialist of the Sacco of Milan, is convinced of this. “Closing the borders would imply very serious damage to tourism and it would not be easy at all. We have to live with the import infections. And we consider that we have many submerged ones even within the country”, he explains in an interview with the newspaper.

“Compared to the last wave, when we thought it was enough to close flights to and from China, we learned to do checks and find outbreaks in the bud. So we use the tools we have: quarantine for those arriving, swabs on suspected cases, positive tracking. Now we can diagnose the infection much earlier, “he points out.

The numbers of infections must begin to worry, according to the expert. “Unfortunately, ICU admissions are also starting to rise for now. For this reason – he says – I am not saying to implement extreme interventions such as the blocking of borders but at least to use the utmost caution, yes.” The risk of 500 daily infections is close. “Let’s say that I will spend my August 15th at Lake Maggiore, that is, an hour and a half from the Sacco hospital in Milan. I really can’t afford to go further, the numbers speak clearly enough”.


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