“In a few days over 5,500 arrivals, it’s an emergency”


“In just under two weeks, over 5,500 migrants arrived on the island of Lampedusa in 250 landings, many of them of very small entities. It is now a real emergency.” The mayor of Lampedusa Salvatore Martello told Adnkronos about the current situation on the greater of the Pelagie islands. Just last night there were three different landings for a total of about forty arrivals. All Tunisians, as has been the case for almost a month with the Tunisian route.

“The last boat, very small – explains Martello – arrived shortly after nine o’clock this morning with a dozen people on board”. Meanwhile, the quarantine ship sent by the government is expected by tomorrow evening in Lampedusa, which should host the arriving migrants on board. As confirmed by the first citizen.

“Tonight she arrives in Porto Empedocle – he says – and by tomorrow evening she is expected in Lampedusa”. At the moment, as confirmed by the mayor himself, there are 678 people at the hotspot, almost all Tunisians and men, but there are also families. In just under 24 hours, over 300 people were transferred, as had been asked yesterday by the first citizen, in an appeal to Adnkronos, to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Over one hundred have been transferred on board the ferry to Porto Empedocle (Agrigento).


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