In Naples, 118 ambulance personnel attacked in the historic center


Naples, 1 aug. (askanews) – Attack on staff of an 118 ambulance last night in Piazza Bellini, in the historic center of Naples. The facts around 3.45 when the emergency vehicle intervened to help a man, originally from Gambia and regular on the Italian territory, in the throes of convulsions probably caused by the intake of a mix of drugs, psychotropic drugs and alcohol. The health workers, alerted by an Army patrol, were subjected to insults by a group of people, especially non-EU citizens, some of whom also physically attacked the operators. A second ambulance and police cars also arrived on the scene, which allowed the health workers to load the 23-year-old on the stretcher and to help the ambulance to make its way through the crowd to go to the Vecchio Pellegrini hospital. Two health workers of 118 were treated in the emergency room of the Pignasecca hospital and were judged curable in one and 10 days for multiple bruises, various grazes and anxious state.


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