In Royan, Yvan Cassar and André Manoukian offer caregivers an improvisation duel during the Un Violon sur la Ville festival


Despite the health crisis, organizers have decided to keep the off part of the festival. Every year A Violin over the City allows you to discover leading artists in unusual places in the Royan conurbation.

This Thursday, July 30, a solidarity evening was dedicated to caregivers and frontline staff. On the courts of the Garden Tennis in Royan, the pianists Yvan Cassar and André Manoukian are delivered to a musical improvisation match refereed by the columnist and comedian Alex Vizorek. A great moment of emotion for the guests.

The challenges of improv

For this evening full of twists and turns, it was columnist Alex Vizorek who donned the costume of master of ceremonies. From the top of his referee’s chair, the comedian imposed the wildest challenges on the two musicians. Like playing with a mask over your eyes, or performing a piano piece with only the black notes. Throughout the evening, the two artists sang melodies known to all. As That I love you by Johnny Hallyday in tribute to caregivers mobilized in the health crisis and invited that evening by the town hall. “It’s emotion, pleasure, an evening with laughter and people, it feels good in these times which (…)

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