In the PP we are plural, not clones equal to the leader


Córdoba, Aug 2 (EFE) .- The mayor of Córdoba, José María Bellido (PP), has denied that in his party there are “differences” between the “Married model or the Feijóo model” and stressed that there are leaders in their formation “very plural” and not “clones exactly like the leader”.

In statements to Efe, after taking stock of the first year of his government in Córdoba, whose Mayor recovered to become a benchmark for the Andalusian PP, Bellido has indicated that his formation is a “government party” that needs “that plurality to return to rule Spain.

“Looking for differences within a party, in the case of ours will not happen, it is not the right way. We are all one,” said Bellido, who highlighted the “absolute harmony and communication” with the national leadership of its formation. during the Alarm State and the pandemic by COVID-19.

He added that in the PP there are people “coming from very different fields” and, therefore, “we are not a homogeneous party, nor do we have the same school”, since training is “the sum of liberals, conservatives and Christian Democrats” .

“Each of us can, in our responsibility, in our leadership, put our own accent, but then we all add up to one hundred percent, although there may be that nuance that makes this party great, in which there is a common project,” added the Cordovan popular leader.

Bellido, who governs the Cordovan city together with Ciudadanos with the external support of Vox, has ensured that the pact with the orange formation “enjoys very good health in Córdoba” and “functions as a team”.

“Each delegation, each organism has its autonomy, but there are issues that are strategic and when problems come, when situations arise that are difficult, we are collaborating absolutely without misgivings,” said the councilman.

For this reason, he has affirmed that he will never “discharge responsibilities on the government partner as happened in the previous mandate,” and he predicts that the current one will “endure to the end” because “right now I do not see drums of war on the horizon,” concluded.

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