institutions have due truth -2-


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – To face the “debt of truth” – continued Casellati – “since the beginning of the Legislature I have made a commitment to make the documents of the Senate’s parliamentary committees of inquiry accessible to all citizens. shared with President Fico and who, on 2 July last, made it possible to remove the functional secret on the documents of the Senate and Chamber committees that worked on the massacres “.

In short, “removing the functional secret means that we have taken the minutes, the hearings, the reports and that we have made them available to everyone. They are almost one hundred thousand pages. And in the middle there is a lot about Bologna and that tragic morning of August 2, 1980 And this certainly represents an important tool to cross data and information, to facilitate research, to bring out that truth that for too many years has found obstacles, shadows, opacities, omissions. It is not acceptable! “. (Continued)


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