“It is Italy that rises”


“In the afternoon” tomorrow “I will be in Genoa for the inauguration of the new ‘Genova San Giorgio’ bridge: from a wound that remains difficult to heal the symbol of a new Italy rising again” writes Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Facebook. It will be, he adds, “an important day, which tells the present and the future of a changing country”. Fifteen months after the start of construction work on the new Genoa bridge, Webuild and Fincantieri give the keys to the record work to the mayor of Genoa and Extraordinary Commissioner for the Marco Bucci bridge. Once the finishing works have been completed on the upper part of the Bridge, the static test certificate has been issued with a favorable outcome, then the viability inspection has been carried out to allow the opening to traffic, with the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding, the bridge will pass by the structure Commissioner to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and then to the concessionaire who, taking charge of the infrastructure, will proceed with the opening of the operation, reads a Webuild note.

Ponte Genova, Anas: “Ok for static testing”

SALINI – “This bridge is the dream of a lifetime. We managed to do a beautiful thing. And we did it from the heart and any margins should derive for us from this venture will all go to charity” says the CEO of WeBuild, Pietro Salini. “We worked night and day for a spirit of service towards the country, and we were proud to be able to collaborate with 330 small companies from all over Italy that represent the excellence of our made in Italy. An exemplary team work that is the same as that animates our Project Italy: concreteness, extraordinary skills and passion “, he underlines. “Today we deliver the keys to a bridge that belongs to all Italians. We show the world that we are able to create innovative and safe works, because the life of those who work and those who use bridges, roads, trains and the metro to move every day remains the top priority. We wave this flag of commitment and success to recover many lost years and opportunities, working to give a new face to the country that we will leave as a legacy to the next generation “.

TOTI – “It is understandable the pain of the families of the victims, what for Italy is in any case a moment in which Genoa recovers its bridge and Italy somehow recovers the original sin of having caused it to collapse, for family members it is one day of deep pain and therefore their choice is understandable “. The President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti said on Adnkronos on the eve of the inauguration on the position of the family members of the 43 victims of the collapse of Morandi, who tomorrow will meet the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, but will not take part in the planned ceremony. “The relatives of the victims – Toti adds – I also met them on Friday evening at the Carlo Felice, where there was a great concert and the song Morricone wanted to dedicate to the victims of the tragedy of the bridge was played for the first time. The relationship with many of them has always gone on and for all of them, as I have always said, my door is always open “. “Liguria has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to resist and start again, from the collapse of the Morandi, to the collapse of the A6 viaduct taken away by the flood, to the road to Portofino rebuilt in 3 months, of which I am frankly proud. I truly believe that if this is not accepted by the country as a model it will be a serious loss for everyone “.

“It doesn’t want to be a party, there is nothing to celebrate, there is to celebrate the work, the talent, the commitment. This yes. And a page that honestly deserves to be celebrated without thereby trivializing the pain it has brought”. “Many tragedies bring pain – adds Toti- the demolition of the Twin Towers by terrorists has caused thousands of deaths that Italy has mourned but not for this reason, giving up celebrating the reconstruction of the new World Trade Center as a symbol of rebirth. Every tragedy brings with it a rebirth “.

“It is an absolutely collective work and it is also proof that in Italy there are extraordinary talents that, if put together, can give extraordinary results: companies such as Salini Impregilo, Fincantieri, demolition workers and then the institutions that when they know how to take responsibility they can do great things, the commissarial structures of the Municipality of the Region who have worked together with staff taken from both bodies and who have teamed up “. “In many respects all of this is symbolic – he continued – We hope that tomorrow’s inauguration will radiate this model and this spirit above all on the country and not remain a case in itself to speak of in the next 20 years without anything changing. Living a tragedy like that of the Ponte Morandi was terrible, and it would be even more terrible not to learn the lesson, as unfortunately sometimes it seems and the construction sites on the highways in my Liguria, badly managed as it is being done now, are the worst example “.

“During the Covid emergency we continued to work on 3 shifts day and night, stopping only at Christmas. I think this is the example that if Italy can unfortunately be the scene of an immense, unjust and painful tragedy like that of Morandi , but it can also be that of the redemption of the bridge for Genoa San Giorgio built in less than 24 months “. “It was a complex management – underlined the governor, speaking of the entire emergency phase – but that worked absolutely well and the bridge is a bit of a symbol, symbol of a city that could somehow implode after a something like that, even in conjunction with the Covid emergency, because let’s not forget that the shipyard has remained open and has always worked, in the wettest winter in the history of Liguria in the last 50 years “.

“It is a feeling of great satisfaction because that bridge has been a beacon in these two years. I will do it because after the loss of the country’s innocence, for the collapse of a bridge that should never have fallen, the institutions have shown that knowing how to remedy in an absolutely extraordinary time for the country system, if you think that there are roads that have been waiting to be repaired for decades “. “We – Toti says – we immediately said that we would not be discouraged or bend over from that emergency, so we rolled up our sleeves. We keep in mind that the bridge is the tip of the iceberg of the management of an emergency that for many aspects has been extraordinary: from houses to displaced persons to compensation for damages, if you think that when I took office in 2015 there were Genoese who were still waiting for compensation for the flood of 2011 “. “In this case – concludes the governor – in less than 12 months businesses, shops, trucking have been compensated, the port has been put in a position to be able to work thanks to the realization in record time of an alternative road network or to the acceleration of construction sites already existing and displaced people all had homes. ”


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