“It is not understood that Felipe VI dispatches every day just below where his father lives”


A Joaquín Prat (1975) not known for biting your tongue. The presenter of Ana Rosa’s program, in Telecinco , and of Four a day feel free to give your opinion regardless of the discussion group: the political table or the sofa of the heart.

“We have a duty to tell people what we are like and not just to tell them about others,” he explains. People don’t buy the “pose and lie.”

And this is how he works at Mediaset – where he has spent 11 years of his 21 years of professional life – spontaneously live. For this reason, many times their opinions have given to speak. But it is that the balance, he indicates, is in offering “information, entertainment and a little opinion.”

We see you do everything. Politics, heart and have you even submitted any reality. Where do you feel most comfortable?

I feel comfortable in any place that is working, doing all kinds of content, news and entertainment. It is a fair balance and with a little opinion it is possible to capture the attention of the viewer. I love my work.

Is that the merit of Mediaset, the balance of content?

With Four a day we have become references of information and entertainment we are the kings. There is no chain in Spain that does better entertainment than Mediaset, and I’m not just talking about realities. It is a chain that is fed back with the characters that we make known in one format or another and that end in a reality, in MYHYV o en Save me. Regarding Cuatro, we have achieved the formula to have continuity on the grid.

You always get wet in the shows, especially now in Four a day. What are you missing in the political class in the midst of this health and economic crisis?

Responsibility, empathy, closeness, the capacity for dialogue to agree and realize that while they are giving themselves to hostility and insulting each other with this parliamentary game of ‘and you more’ – which I have never endured – there are people who are passing it wrong and you need to fix your problems.

Maybe if a politician gets a squatter in his mother’s house he gets the batteries to legislate a little.

That is closeness, isn’t it?

Yes, that’s why I talk about it. They have problems that need to be solved by them. Maybe if a politician gets a squatter in his mother’s house he gets the batteries to legislate a little.

Nor do you bite your tongue to criticize the attitude of named politicians, such as Pablo Iglesias when he said that the insult had to be normalized.

I’ve only heard him say that. For me to be called a son of a bitch is not pleasant, nor to be insulted on social networks. Insults lead to violence and violence to more violence. And on top of that he does it by talking about the work of the press that has helped him so much.

A few days ago what got you out of your boxes live were the escraches.

Yes, escrache is the word used not to say bullying. But it is pure and simple harassment due to having a political responsibility and I find it regrettable when that happens. It would never occur to me to insult a politician on the street.

If you encourage escrache in one way or another and then it’s your turn, don’t go crying.

Be what color it is, I imagine.

Of course. I also tell you, if you encourage it one way or another and then it’s your turn, don’t cry. All escraches are equal, I do not like the word because it only serves to justify harassment.

For kings you have had other words. You have complained live that their escorts do not let your colleagues work. Do you have other statements for him scandal surrounding king emeritus?

One thing is the institution and another that has to do with the king emeritus. In this I do agree with the majority of the political class, which differentiates the information of Juan Carlos I from the head of state that Felipe VI holds. The king’s thing is a scandal.

What decision should the Casa Real make?

You must make aesthetic decisions so that the scandal splashes as little as possible. It is not understood that the head of the state dispatches every day in a place that is just below where his father lives. I can be a very good person and have done many services to Spain, but if one day I take a drunk car and run over a cyclist, the services I provided to humanity will be of little use to me, I will have to pay for my mistakes.

Corinna is a slut and the other, a man?

Regardless of the role Corinna Larsen plays in this story. What do you think when they refer to her as ‘slut’?

We always put the burden on women just because we are women. Corinna is a slut and the other, a man? That this lady must be grateful if they have given her 65 kilos … Of course she is ungrateful for opening her mouth, but that he be charged against her for having been the close friend is not fair. It all comes down to machismo.

Does machismo still exist on television?

Less and less, but it continues to exist as in all areas of society. Here we have to go faster because we have a duty to raise awareness in society and we must give that example. But yes, for example the ‘slut’.

Has presenter-presenter disappeared?

That I have not lived. I have always been more comfortable working with and for women than for men. I like how they send more.

When you put yourself in front of the heart section in The Ana Rosa program, your most horny face appears. Have you ever lived on earth swallow me?

Everyday. When I get eschatological. But we have a duty to tell people what we are like and not just to tell them about others. Sometimes it is convenient to talk about us and tell that we have defects. It makes you closer to people, I am very in favor of making it visible. The public does not buy the lie and the pose.

Although at times when you must announce the death of a loved one of a partner it should not be easy, as in the case of Paz Padilla and Alessandro Lequio.

At that moment I speak from the heart, just as I would speak to them. I am not in favor of giving it a lot of space because everything you say feeds the morbid. About Álex I said that I will never forget his smile or the love he had for his parents. I don’t like thought speeches.

Is Mediaset the only group that bets on its presenters?

I have only worked for Mediaset. When they signed me, a senior manager of the group told me that they were to bet on their faces for a long journey, with a view to the future, not for two years. I’m already 11.

How about adapting to Four a day?

Four a day It is the best gift they have given me in my professional life. It is a program that has changed my life, the way of seeing it and the way of dealing with it.


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