it was government that gave ok to stop distancing


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – “What is certain is that we did not move autonomously. On July 14th, with a decree of the Prime Minister, measures were approved that allowed to derogate from the distancing, measures that, I keep specify, they have also been approved by the Minister of Health Hope. Based on this, we have been working for over 15 days to adopt the necessary safety rules to guarantee our passengers and our workers “. To underline it in an interview with Corriere della Sera is the CEO of Italo, Gianbattista La Rocca who intervenes on the case of the ordinance with which the government has established that the spacing on board the trains must continue.

According to the ad “the train structurally has better conditions than other means of transport such as the plane”. For this reason, the manager sees a discrimination for the train compared to other vehicles that travel at full capacity: “given that the protection of health – he explains – is a priority, we allow ourselves to observe that if there is an emergency and the distancing is necessary, the rule must apply to everyone. We simply ask for clarity and rules that do not create imbalances between the various means of transport “.

For the CEO, the ordinance now creates damage to companies: “we are forced to suppress trains with inevitable inconvenience for passengers that we will of course reprotect or try to reimburse”. To date the costs for Italio caused by the pandemic amount to € 200 million also due to the lack of “business customers and foreign passengers”.


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