“It would be a dream to play with Messi in the selection”


On June 24, 2020, Luka Romero made La Liga history by becoming the youngest player to take part in a league match. At only 15 years and 219 days, theMallorca striker came on against Real Madrid in the 83rd minute.

The championship ended, the player confided in our Argentinian colleagues fromOlé to return to its historical beginnings: “I was not afraid. Football is played the same everywhere. For me, it was like playing on a vacant lot with my friends. “

The young player even recounts his first meeting with Sergio Ramos on a corner: “He shook my hand and asked ‘hello crack, how old are you? “. I said 15 and he was surprised. “

He doesn’t want to be compared to Messi

Obviously, when you are an Argentinian striker and you start in La Liga without going through the Argentine league box, comparisons with Lionel Messi are inevitable. But Luka Romero rejects them en bloc: “There is only one Lionel Messi. It annoys me to be compared to him because I want to make a name for myself in football as Luka Romero. Afterwards, I watch all his matches because I’m a fan of him. It would be a dream to play with him in the selection ”.


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