“It would be nice to retire at River, hopefully the physical will accompany me”


In the tranquility of the Argentine quarantine, this Saturday afternoon was interrupted by the presence of a footballer who is of few words and who, in addition, had not spoken to the press after his departure to Toluca from Mexico. Is about Jonatan maidanaidol River, who spoke in a live on Instagram with Lito Costafebre and recognized that he would like to retire in Núñez.

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“It would be nice to retire at River, without a doubt it is anyone’s dream, hopefully the physical will accompany me”, Joni expressed, but he was very cautious since he feels a lot of respect towards the demand of Marcelo Gallardo and his coaching staff, whom he knows by heart. Eight and a half years in the Millionaire were crucial to win the hearts of the fans, who exploded with joy in the middle of the interview and were excited.

In addition, the defender of Liga MX recognized that the Madrid match was “touching the sky with his hands” and almost immersed in everyday comfort he told a little home secret: “Last week I hooked the final with Boca and saw the play of the Jara stick: my heart stopped,” he said.

Finally, the journalist insisted on a possible farewell and timid party as he is accustomed to being, made it clear that he is very calm and that he does not speak to the press because he feels that it does not correspond to him: “I didn’t talk much when I was in River, now less. It is the first talk I have had since I left, I feel that I have to have respect for the current players, they are the protagonists. I prefer to accompany from here, “he finished. Pure humility.


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