Italo cancels trains and tickets for 8 thousand passengers


“Italo informs that – in order to comply with the provisions of the ordinance suddenly issued yesterday by the Minister of Health which reintroduces, with immediate effect, the obligation of distancing in High-speed trains – was forced, in spite of itself, to cancel 8 morning trains (9919/9921 to-sa 07:33; 9975 mi-na 09:15; 9927/9929 to-sa 9:33; 8111/8113 to-rc 05:23; 8143 to-rc 13:23; 8126 an-mi 13:40; 8131 mi-an 08:45; 8135 mi-an 11:40) and numerous tickets for the afternoon trains, reaching about 8000 passengers who were unable to take advantage of the ticket already purchased “, is what we read in a note. “Italo has already taken steps to reimburse passengers in the shortest possible time and is working to minimize any inconvenience for the next few days, trusting in the understanding of its customers”, he concludes.

Here are the canceled trains


“We inform you that the distancing and the limit of 50% of jobs to be filled on the chessboard remains confirmed on all the Arrows and Intercities. Trenitalia, by order of the Minister of Health, has in fact suspended the application of the measures previously implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 14 July which allowed the exemption from social distancing on board high-speed trains and medium and long-distance trains under specific conditions “. So the email sent today by Trenitalia to travelers which also indicates that “Trenitalia keeps unchanged all the other measures on board the train aimed at protecting your health”.

These include “new train disinfection and sanitization processes, on-board disinfectant gel dispenser, management of incoming and outgoing flows, enhancement of the on-board cleaning service, disposable gloves and masks supplied to all personnel on board , safety kit distributed on board and containing mask, headrest and hand sanitizing gel “. “The body temperature measurement at the time of departure in the stations where Frecciarossa and Frecciargento stop also remains active” reads the email renewing the invitation to wear the mask and often sanitize the hands.


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