“Italy model, now gives lessons to the world”


From “nightmare epicenter” coronavirus and “pariah” country to model “however imperfect” able to give “lessons” to the rest of the world “including the United States, where the virus, never under control, rages”. The New York Times returns to the Italy case and analyzes how it managed to leave behind the most critical phase of the emergency and the status of a country to be “avoided at all costs”.

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“After an uncertain start, Italy has consolidated, or at least maintained, the advantages of a rigid lockdown at national level through a mix of alertness and painfully acquired medical competence”, writes the Nyt, underlining that today Italian hospitals “are practically voids of Covid-19 patients “and” the daily deaths attributed to the virus in Lombardy, the northern region that has endured the greatest weight of the pandemic, are around zero “.

Yet our country in recent months was considered an example in reverse. “Look at what’s going on with Italy,” President Trump told reporters on March 17, the newspaper recalls, highlighting how Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, also said that ” it is not working in Italy at the moment “.

After a few months, Nyt continues, the United States has tens of thousands more deaths than any other country in the world and those European countries “that once looked at Italy with satisfaction are facing new outbreaks. Some are imposing new restrictions and considering whether to introduce the lockdown “.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday announced a postponement of the planned easing of measures in England due to an increase in the infection rate. Even Germany, praised for its efficient response and rigorous contact traceability, has warned that lax behavior is causing a spike in cases.

The Italian government, remarked the Nyt, has been guided by scientific and technical committees. Local doctors, hospitals and health officials collect more than 20 indicators on the virus daily and send them to regional authorities, which then forward them to the Ministry of Health. “The result is a weekly X-ray of the health of the country on which political decisions are based,” continues the American newspaper, praising the vote of the Parliament which extended the state of emergency to 15 October.

This allows the government to maintain the restrictions in place and to “respond quickly, even with blockages, to all new outbreaks – explains the Nyt – The government has already imposed restrictions on travel from over a dozen countries since the importation of the virus it is now his greatest fear. ”

“The strategy to close everything has attracted criticism from those who accused the government of excessive caution and paralyze the economy. But it could prove more beneficial than trying to reopen the economy while the virus is still raging, as is happening in countries like states United, Brazil and Mexico, “insists the newspaper, according to which in Italy there is also a part of the population that does not respect anti-Covid measures.

“Often the masks are not worn or kept lowered on trains or buses, where they are mandatory. Young people go out and do the things young people do – and in this way they risk spreading the virus to the most sensitive parts of the population. Adults they started to gather on the beach and for birthday barbecues. There is still no clear plan for a return to school in September, “concludes Nyt.


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