“It’s a race against the clock” estimates a doctor from the department


The prefecture of Mayenne took a decree on Saturday August 1 to make it compulsory to wear a mask outdoors in sixty-nine municipalities. “Today is a race against the clock, we can not limit the circulation of the virus”, reacts on franceinfo Luc Duquesnel, general practitioner in Mayenne and president of general practitioners CSMF (Confederation of French Medical Syndicates). He calls for this measure to be applied “with discernment” : “If at 10 p.m. I am alone on the banks of the Mayenne, I think that there is perhaps nothing to penalize, on the other hand there are other hours of the day when there are flows of population, and therefore a significant risk of contamination “, he explains. Luc Duquesnel claims that one “prioritize the tests that are going to be carried out” with people “the most vulnerable or symptomatic people”. “We must be able to test them during the day and have the results within 24 hours, it is not normal to wait four days for the results of a test that we have carried out”, he adds.

Hitherto insufficient measures

Luc Duquesnel insists that “it’s been three weeks since measures were taken in Mayenne, which was the most affected department in France”. “We started to say that we were going to test everyone, the 300,000 inhabitants, knowing that it would take several months to do so and there, we realize that these measures are (…)

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