Jean Castex visiting the Samu social platform in Paris


Prime Minister Jean Castex paid a visit Sunday evening to the Samu social platform in Paris, expressing his “concern” for the homeless particularly affected by Covid-19, our colleagues from AFP noted.

“I do not come to see you to tick a box but to tell you all my encouragement and my admiration”, affirmed Jean-Castex upon his arrival in Ivry-sur-Seine, stressing that he himself had created “the Samu social de Toulon” when he was director of social and health affairs in the Var.

“I have a concern because you spoke about the health crisis and there was a prevalence of the epidemic in the audiences that you meet,” he continued. “No one is unaware that the health crisis is followed by an economic and social crisis. Here too there will be particularly vulnerable audiences. These are subjects that will continue to mobilize the government that I lead”, he assured .

“Many contaminated” among the agents of the Samu social

He was greeted by the president of Samu social Alain Christnacht who stressed that there had been “a lot of people infected by the Covid” among his agents. He hailed the government’s so-called “housing first” policy, which is to try to go straight from the streets to housing, as “a good solution.”

But he pointed out “the lack of social housing to offer lasting solutions”. However, according to him, there is the financing but there is a problem of land, the length of obtaining building permits, the cost of land, and sometimes the political will of the mayors … Alain Christnacht also deplores that ” the national reception system managed by the Ministry of the Interior is undersized and refers asylum seekers to 115 “, the number of the Samu social.

39,000 accommodation places

About half of the people treated are foreigners. In total, the Samu Social de Paris directs towards a stock of 39,000 accommodation places, between the hotels, the centers it owns, the other centers or even the integration housing.

It employs 700 people, including 60 people for the 115, and includes eight teams of three people who cover six departments of Ile-de-France and soon all eight. Its budget is 280 million euros, 85% matched by the State and 15% by the City of Paris.

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