Jean-Kevin Augustin denies having been hospitalized after taking laughing gas


LE SCAN SPORT – The former Paris SG striker has denied a rumor about his hospitalization and paralysis after taking excessive laughing gas.

Jean-Kevin Augustin is doing well. But the rumor about him on social media that he was hospitalized after inhaling laughing gas hasn’t made him laugh at all in recent hours. The Red Bull striker Leipizig even felt compelled to deny a fake news this Saturday to reassure his fans about his state of health.

On Saturday, a user said that the international Espoirs was currently in hospital, the victim of paralysis of some of its members after having abused laughing gas, s ubstance available in supermarkets and whose taking as a euphoric drug can have serious health consequences.

Angry, the player addressed via his Twitter account to the individual disseminating this false information. “But what are you talking about? Everything is fine … it’s nice to worry about it, but you have to review your information and your sources ”, explained the attacker who warns Internet users about this type of completely unfounded rumors. “We have to stop giving credibility to guys on Twitter that nobody knows and who have 0 info guys … everyone calls me in stress when everything is going well. Think before you invent such bullshit, ”he added in a new tweet before posting, a short video, showing that he was in great shape.

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