“Jobless families cannot go on”


“I hope that in this period many will be able to live a few days of rest and contact with nature, in which to also recharge the spiritual dimension. At the same time I hope that, with the convergent commitment of all political and economic leaders, the work: without work, families and society cannot go on. We pray for this. Because it is and will be a problem of the post-pandemic, poverty and lack of work and it takes a lot of solidarity and creativity to solve this problem “. This is the appeal of Pope Francis in today’s Angelus, as reported by Vatican News.

“The compassion, the tenderness that Jesus showed towards the crowds is not sentimentalism, but the concrete manifestation of love that takes care of the needs of people. And we are called to approach the Eucharistic table with these same attitudes of Jesus: compassion for the needs of others, “said Pontefuce during today’s Angelus.

“Compassion -he stressed- is not a purely material feeling; true compassion is suffering with, taking upon us the pains of others. Perhaps it will do us good today to ask ourselves: I have compassion when I read the news of wars, hunger, pandemics ? So many things … Do I have compassion for those people? Do I have compassion for people who are close to me? Am I able to suffer with them or do I look elsewhere or “get by”? Don’t forget this word ‘compassion’, which it is trust in the provident love of the Father and means courageous sharing “.


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