Johnson stops Corona easing planned for Saturday


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stopped a loosening of corona restrictions in England as of Saturday. The reason is the rising number of infections, said Johnson on Friday in London. It was time to “hit the brakes”. At the same time, Johnson expanded the mask requirement. The government had previously announced further corona measures for parts of northern England.

According to Johnson, the reopening of casinos, bowling alleys and ice rinks planned for August 1 will be put on hold for at least two weeks. The admission of more fans to some sporting events was stopped as well as the re-admission of wedding celebrations with a maximum of 30 participants. In addition, the mask requirement previously applicable to shops and public transport will be extended to museums, cinemas and places of worship from 8 August.

The government had already tightened the Corona measures in parts of northern England on Thursday evening. In the cities of Manchester and Leicester as well as in parts of the administrative districts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire, members of various private households are no longer allowed to meet indoors from midnight, as Health Minister Matt Hancock said.

Hancock justified the measure with the fact that many people did not abide by the distance rules. The UK government is only responsible for the Corona measures in England, not in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Britain is the country most affected by the corona pandemic in Europe. More than 300,000 cases of infection were recorded there, the official death toll is around 46,000. According to the statistics office, there were an average of 4,200 new infections per day between July 20 and 26. In the previous week, there were an average of 2,800 daily.


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