Jokes on Twitter for this phrase by a former Aznar minister about Juan Carlos I


Eduardo Serra, former Minister of Defense with the first Government of José María Aznar, has granted an interview to the newspaper The Spanish in which he has left a striking phrase about the King Juan Carlos I, whose financial scandals have put the Real home in a very complicated situation.

Asked about this matter, the person who was the head of Defense answers the following:

“Juan Carlos is the Spanish who has done the most for progress and peace among Spaniards. That we are now, without a sentence involved, kicking him like that, I’m ashamed. I really am ashamed. I have seen how it has helped companies and political forces to reach agreements. That we pay him like this… ”.

These last words about ‘how we pay for it’ are those that have generated a notable mess on the networks, where the comments were immediate:


Joaquín Prat: “It is not understood that Felipe VI dispatches every day just below where his father lives”

Juan Carlos I’s reaction in 1992 when a journalist asked him if “he tries not to pay taxes”

Rufián: “Now, suddenly, the bad guy is Juan Carlos when it has been published that Felipe knew about his father’s business”

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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