Kacey Mottet-Klein shines in this drama about orphaned youth


Christophe Blanc had left us groggy in the powder with White as snow, failed thriller released in 2010 where François Cluzet and Olivier Gourmet lost us in their soporific traffic. The water flows well under the bridges, one must believe, because ten years later the filmmaker returns to us refreshed. With Just Kids, the laborious thriller gives way to the inspired drama, that of a bereavement experienced too early, at the age of school bags and first love.

Magnificent, Kacey Mottet-Klein carries the film from start to finish, and at the age of 21 pursues a career without false notes, accompanied here by the promising Andrea Maggiulli. But the actors and the flashes of the film are parasitized by intentions too heavily passed to the marker.

Childhood pulverized by mourning

Like the movie Amanda the Mikhaël Hers, sorti and 2018, Just Kids deals with this childhood that explodes in mid-flight, propelled prematurely into adult life. Aged 17 and 10, the orphans embodied by Mottet-Klein and Maggiulli face pluttered adults, who leave them no choice but to take charge of their own wounded lives. With a solar photograph, where the skins sweat, where the whites are blind, the filmmaker films the fire of this youth living with this pain as she can.

Christophe Blanc, himself an orphan at a very young age, (…)

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