Kaiser comparison! There is so much Bavaria legend in Alaba


A defense boss with a fine foot who not only holds the shop together at the back, but opens the game of his Bayern Munich from the defensive with dream passes, when champions, cup winners and Champions League winners have already entered the annals – there are already some parallels between David Alaba and “Kaiser Franz”.

“I’ve always said that David is actually something like the black Franz Beckenbauer for me,” enthuses Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Sky about the 28 year old Austrian.

In the fight for the unclear future of the defense chief, whose contract expires in 2021, and amid transfer rumors about FC Barcelona or Manchester City (with sponsor Pep Guardiola), such a knighthood makes it clear: Bavaria is fighting with all its might for Alaba.

Board member Oliver Kahn (Bavaria legend himself) shows MagentaSport Although understanding that a veteran like Alaba sometimes thinks about making a big change for the last time in his career “- at the same time, however, he also embraces the doubtful:” What he showed, not only this season, too last season, that is worthy of honor, that is top Such a player is also needed as a leader in central defense.

Alaba chief and conductor of the Bavarian defense

What Alaba has shown is precisely this combination of leader skills, defensive quality, offensive brilliance, which once made Beckenbauer the darling of the masses.

“We have not had a chief in defense for some time now. So someone who really takes the scepter there and sets the tone there and simply acts as the head of the defensive,” praises Rummenigge. Alaba is “the first player to play at this level like Franz back then”, he said.

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Also on Friday against Olympique Marseille, in the endurance test for the Triple Mission in the Champions Leauge, Alaba hit the diagonal balls from the defensive again, clicking his tongue. (Champions League, round of 16 second leg: FC Bayern – Chelsea FC, August 8 from 9 p.m. in LIVETICKER).

“He is the one who opens and directs the game, who gives the commands,” enthuses Rummenigge at Bild: “David is the head of the defense – and there we had a gap before. He found his ideal position in the central defense.”

Alaba for Rummenigge “the black Franz Beckenbauer”

Alaba’s sporting value is undisputed. The development that he has just taken this season as a central defender and defense chief is immense. Which is why Bavaria absolutely wants to keep him. In addition – and this is especially emphasized by Rummenigge – a status at the very top in the prominent ancestral gallery of the FCB also beckons.

In a six-eye conversation (after there was Zoff over Alaba’s desired salary of 20 million a year), the boss and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic Alaba “made it clear what status he has for Bavaria and can have in the future. I have him personally said that for me he is the black Franz Beckenbauer. David is an outstanding player and person, an absolute sympathizer and a great figure of identification for FC Bayern: “

Alaba has been a Bavarian since 2008 (moved from Austria Vienna) and was only loaned to Hoffenheim for half a season in 2011. He has been playing for FCB continuously since summer 2011, only original Bavarian Thomas Müller as the longest-serving professional has been with us for even longer. The next season would be Alabas 11th among the professionals (including two short assignments in 2010).

Beckenbauer had 13 seasons (1964 to 1977), was in the club from 1958 to 1977 – in both categories Alaba can even go by.

“It is hardly common nowadays, as was the case with Franz, that someone comes to a club as a teenager, grows there, stays there for a long time and becomes a legend. David is on a very good path,” emphasizes Rummenigge .

Bavaria does not lose any top stars against its will – until now

But such legendary status would of course be endangered if he left “his” FC Bayern in order to try his luck abroad again – or not?

As is well known, Beckenbauer turned his back on Munich in 1977 to plunge into the USA adventure at Cosmos New Yorks. 31 the “Kaiser” was there, that didn’t harm his legendary status in the Bavarian cosmos.

Alaba is now 28 and that’s one of the sticking points why at least some of the fans wouldn’t forgive him for leaving now. Because when has an absolute top star, in his prime, with a current contract, forced his departure from the big FC Bayern, even though the club fought for him with all his might?

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Michael Ballack’s contract expired in 2006 when he joined Chelsea. Before moving to Real Madrid in 2014, Toni Kroos did not have this status, which can also be seen in the comparatively low transfer fee of 25 million euros. “Football god” Bastian Schweinsteiger no longer played a role in Pep Guardiola’s plans in 2015, which was important enough and was plagued by injuries.

But Alaba? His loss would hit Bavaria hard, both athletically and emotionally.

Negotiations in Alaba Poker in Lisbon

That is why Bayern will do everything to keep their “black pool builder”, and there is a good chance that Alaba will extend despite flirting abroad.

According to information from SPORT1 the Austrian can imagine ending his career in Munich.

A decision will only be made after the CL tournament in Lisbon. Because Alaba agent Pini Zahavi will also be there, where further talks between the bosses and the Austrian camp are planned. The two sides are no longer too far apart, also in terms of salary.

“I think the players have understood – especially nowadays – that a contract is not so much about the last Euros, but that the overall package is at least as important,” said Rummenigge: “To the club , the prospects of success, the environment, such as in Munich with this great city. “

Double triple winner and forever at Bayern?

“Of course we want to keep David Alaba here at Bayern,” emphasized Kahn again on Friday, Rummenigge even went a step further: “It is our wish that David prolongs, then ends his career at Bayern and Bayern Munich closely afterwards stays connected. We showed him this way. “

Lisbon and the Champions League in particular could now be a huge opportunity for Alaba. Imagine the Austrian doing the unique feat of winning the triple a second time with Bavaria and then swearing allegiance to his club for the next few years – the place on a par with Beckenbauer would be secured.


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