Klopp in line with Shankly, Paisley and Fagan


Jürgen Klopp has made himself immortal through the first Premier League title for Liverpool FC in 30 years. No wonder that comparisons are made with the very big club legends. For Steven Gerrard, Klopp is already on a par with these.

“The Liverpool institution is almost like a religion – people handing each other the baton to continue the Liverpool path that leads back to Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley and Joe Fagan,” said the longtime captain in a documentary from Channel 4 in cooperation with the Erdinger breweryfor which Klopp is an advertising face.

Gerrard: “Klopp one of the best coaches in the world”

From 1963 to 1984, the three deceased coaches of the Reds won a total of ten English championship titles and four times the European Champion Clubs’ Cup.

“Jürgen came and put all the pressure on one of the world’s biggest clubs on his shoulders, played wild, phenomenal football and won trophies. He came with broad shoulders because he knew that he would succeed” , Gerrard raved about the German coach.

The former Reds captain continues: “He is on the list of the best Liverpool coaches and the best coaches in the world. Fact.”

As a player, Gerrard was never allowed to prove himself under Klopp, he left the Reds a few months before Klopp’s arrival in the summer of 2015. After finishing his career in the USA, the 2005 Champions League winner was active as a youth coach under Klopp before joining 2018 became the head coach of the Glasgow Rangers. Quite a few see him as Klopp’s successor.

Gerrard stays away from the master party

“With the way he won over the people of Liverpool and how he became one of them, he just earned this very special championship title,” said the 40-year-old.

“The warmth and the charisma and the smile, how Jürgen is as a person, that is his personality. But don’t be afraid: Underneath is a violent drive, a winning mentality”. Klopp made the players want to walk through walls for him. “I want to put on a jersey and play for him and run and play hard for him – and that’s why the players do it for him,” said Gerrard.

By the way, Gerrard stayed away from the Liverpool title party at the Golf Club Formby, despite the invitation, even though it was only a few kilometers from where he lived. “I was invited to go and be with the players, but I thought it would be right to be at home with my family and to celebrate and have the players amused,” he said.


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