Kovac talks about problems with Müller


Coach Niko Kovac (48) from French first division club AS Monaco spoke about his retirement at Bayern last November and explicitly commented on the anger with Thomas Müller (30).

“If you don’t play, you are unhappy. And if you are a star and you do not play, you are very unhappy and the stress is more with the coach,” said Kovac in an interview with the French sports daily The team.

Born in Berlin, he had put Bayern’s identification figure Müller on the bench more often, but especially in his last few weeks as Munich coach. The 2014 world champion was not an isolated case. After all, the squad consisted mainly of national players – and it was difficult to please everyone.

“If a national player does not play, he loses his place in the selection, the problems increase. It is not easy to manage, but we are here to win titles and we won three,” said Kovac. What did he learn from it in Munich? “That the pressure is very big. We worked with players with a lot of class. It is very different from working with young players. I have seen great examples like Franck Ribery or Arjen Robben. They are not only good because God gives them talent gave, but because they work very hard, “said the Croatian.

Kovac on the Bavarian era: “I understand what happened”

He wanted to do better in Monaco. “I understood what happened and it will help me,” said Kovac, emphasizing again: “You can’t make everyone happy. 20 players want to play and you have to choose. Many players think that they only pay for the game be. But no. We’re paid for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. “

It is now crucial for him to get to know his players better. “Loyalty is very important. We have been here for two weeks, we have to build relationships and that can only be done with confidence. It is a rule of life,” said Kovac, whose first test with the Monegasque on Saturday at former club Eintracht Frankfurt 1: 1 ended.

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