‘La casa de papel’ will end its fifth season and announces the signing of Miguel Ángel Silvestre


His fans feared the worst and it has finally been confirmed. There won’t be many more seasons of The paper house, which will end with its fifth installment the history of the most famous robbers on the entire planet. Álex Pina’s work has confirmed through a statement that the farewell will have 10 episodes of around an hour long, in addition to announcing two high-level signings for this goodbye. Miguel Ángel Silvestre, One of the most popular Spanish actors at the international level, he becomes a new member of the cast for the fifth installment, although it has not been specified on which side his role will be framed. The same for Patrick Criado, who also joins a cast in which they will continue to appear Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Pedro Alonso, Rodrigo de la Serna, Jaime Llorente or Miguel Herrán, among many others.

Michelangelo Silvestre rose to fame for his role as Duke in Without tits there is no paradise, where he formed an artistic couple with Amaia Salamanca. Later, the Valencian actor has continued to be part of casts of Spanish series such as Velvet or movies like Passenger lovers. Its international success stems from its participation in Sense8, where he gave life to Lito Rodríguez, one of the most beloved characters in Netflix cult fiction. He is currently one of the most sought-after faces on the scene and has a release the HBO series 30 coins, by director Álex de la Iglesia.

The fifth season will also feature Patrick Criado, who at age 24 accumulates a huge number of titles both in film and on television. Daniel Sánchez Arévalo gave him a leading role in The great Spanish family, where comedy reigned supreme. But later it has demonstrated a great control of registers in series like Plastic sea, The invisible line The Live without permission. Will he be one of the thieves or will he try to stop them?

The band, at the limit of their forces

This goodbye will not be easy for the most beloved band on television. Netflix, which highlights The paper house As the most widely watched non-English-speaking series on the entire platform, it warns that the end will be in a big way. “We have spent almost a year thinking about how to destroy the band”, comments Álex Pina himself in the statement: “How to put the Professor on the ropes. How to reach irreversible situations for many characters. The result is the fifth season of The paper house. War reaches its most extreme and wild heights, but it is also the most epic and exciting season. “ We must remember that the end of the fourth season left everything open, with the Professor face to face with his greatest enemy, Alicia Serra, unarmed and totally defeated.


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