Landings and covid, Sicily increasingly at risk


Within a week, the outbreaks quadrupled for coronavirus in Sicily, also due to the numerous landings of migrants that took place in a few days on the coasts. There were 119 positives, compared to 39 recorded in the week between 18-25 July. The island now appears among the 8 regions with a rt higher than 1. Always on top of the Veneto. Piedmont and Lombardy are down.

Migrants, contagions quadrupled in Sicily

The Sicily continues to record troubling numbers coronavirus, especially in light of the chaos erupted on migrants: i contagions have quadrupled within a week.

If from 18 to 25 July there were only 39 cases recorded, in thethe last seventh of July went to a jump of 119, since it hasn’t been seen since April. However, according to experts, these numbers remain low, also because they can now be scaled down and monitored effectively.

The indicators

For experts, the situation is not worrying at the moment, but some indicators say that something has changed, but not in a positive way. They went up to 3298 the total cases within a few days, but they are alone 19 the healed. Fortunately, at the moment there are no casualties, stopped for almost a month in 283.

L’ISS has certified the Sicily as the region most at risk. In fact, the island appears among the 8 Italian realities with a rt index greater than 1, although it still remains in second place.

At the top remains the Veneto with 1.6, approaches the Sicily at 1.55, then follows the Campania (1.44). The index is falling in Lombardy and Piedmontrespectively with the values ​​of 0.96 e 0.87. As far as daily growth rates are concerned, the Sicily records an alarming 100%.


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