lavender “soothes dogs and cats”, according to veterinarian Laetitia Barlerin


France has 63 million animals company and some French people do not hesitate to take them with them on vacation. Laetitia Barlerin, veterinarian, journalist and author, gave advice on Sunday August 2 on franceinfo on how to make the trip more bearable for a pet.

The veterinarian insisted on the steps to be taken before leaving on vacation. “You must not forget anything, especially his papers, his health book, his identification card and then, if you cross the border, his passport which proves that he has been vaccinated against rabies. These are essential documents. Normally, when you get a rabies vaccine, you have to do it a month before you leave. When you go abroad you really have to find out about the administrative conditions to enter this country. “

Motion sickness due to stress

Then, before taking a seat with your animal in a vehicle, “We must not feed him because otherwise he will vomit”, indicates Laetitia Barlerin. “Before the trip, a dog who is afraid of traveling, he does not want to get into the car. Animals can have motion sickness, in these cases they pant, they are a little restless, they salivate a lot and they (…)

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